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    How to configure JProfiler6 to monitor tomcat6.0 for memory leak

      Can anyone help. I am tring to work out the memory leak of my Web Application running on the local server. I have been told that jprofiler is a good tool for monitoring memory. I have dowloaded jprofiler6, but I dont know how to config the setting.

      what i have done is:
      1.from the Quickstart window->An application server, locally or remotely
      2.follow the wizard step by step
      1)choose application server Apache Tomcat 6.x
      2)application is located "on this computer"
      3) Chose JVM vendor
      4) wait for a connection from the JProfiler GUI
      5) Locate the start script :C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\apache-tomcat-6.0.20\bin\startup.bat
      6) port:8849

      After i done these, a error message came out said:
      "Could not connect ot make sure that the remote address is correct, the remote program is started properly and the netword route allows socket connections."