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    Java Runtime Performance Issue

      I have observed that over a period of time performance of Java gets degraded.
      There are few Java programs which are taking considerably more time to execute than it used to take before. I have found this senario on other developer's PC too. Same program takes less time to execute on non-developer's machine although their JAVA_HOME is of JDK and not JRE.
      I believe that Java stores some program log which degrades this performance.
      Does any one has any idea to restore Java performance without re-installing Java?


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          Generally non-developer's PC is used lightly - no heavy weight applications occupying the RAM/CPU. However, a developer's PC is always pushed to the limits....so, along with the java apps you are mentioning, there might be other processes consuming CPU/RAM.

          If you really want to compare these two PCs, then you got to restart them and just run the java app being tested. Have you tried this?

          I haven't heard of Java storing logs. Even if it does, it will only eat up the hard disc space. I believe that Java app's performance is directly related to the available CPU time, RAM (heap size) and the efficiency of the programming.
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            Slow degradation of performance have multiple causes, related to infrastructure, memory or the application problems itself. I have tried to consolidate thought over it in this article may be of your help.
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