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    loadAgent call hangs in connectPipe call

      I'm trying to use the attach API to load an agent into a JVM. when I execute, I am able to attach to the VM but loading an agent hangs with the following stack:
      Thread [main] (Suspended)     
           WindowsVirtualMachine.connectPipe(long) line: not available [native method]     
           WindowsVirtualMachine.execute(String, Object...) line: 82     
           WindowsVirtualMachine(HotSpotVirtualMachine).loadAgentLibrary(String, boolean, String) line: 40     
           WindowsVirtualMachine(HotSpotVirtualMachine).loadAgentLibrary(String, String) line: 61     
           WindowsVirtualMachine(HotSpotVirtualMachine).loadAgent(String, String) line: 85     
           WindowsVirtualMachine(VirtualMachine).loadAgent(String) line: 508     
           AgentLoader.main(String[]) line: 37     
      I've confirmed that the VM I'm trying to load an agent into does open the agent jar. I did this by renaming the agentmain method and saw an appropriate NoSuchMethodError. Any ideas?