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HotSpot error in VM thread

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I have encountered hot spot error on low memory boxes. Could anybody suggest how to debug it. It looks some error occurred in garbage collection.My code is compiled on different JVM i.e. IBM JDK and deployed on SUN JVM. Will it be a problem. Couple of times i have encountered error in ComplerThread too.

# An unexpected error has been detected by HotSpot Virtual Machine:
# SIGSEGV (0xb) at pc=0xb7974869, pid=27384, tid=2829364144
# Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (1.5.0_11-b03 mixed mode)
# Problematic frame:
# V []

--------------- T H R E A D ---------------

Current thread (0x080b2e18): VMThread [id=27387]

siginfo:si_signo=11, si_errno=0, si_code=1, si_addr=0x00000008

EAX=0x00000000, EBX=0xb7a9316c, ECX=0x00000008, EDX=0xb0a65420
ESP=0xa8a49de8, EBP=0xa8a49df8, ESI=0xb7a86000, EDI=0xb7aa1148
EIP=0xb7974869, CR2=0x00000008, EFLAGS=0x00010202

Top of Stack: (sp=0xa8a49de8)
0xa8a49de8: 08068598 08068598 b7a9316c b7a8ac44
0xa8a49df8: a8a49e18 b7974b7c b7a8ac44 a8a49e60
0xa8a49e08: a8a49e28 b7a0616c a8a49e60 b7a9316c
0xa8a49e18: a8a49e48 b7a10b34 b7aa1148 b7a8ac44
0xa8a49e28: a8a49f08 b7a023f1 a8a49e60 b7f00aae
0xa8a49e38: b7a3f513 b7a9316c 00000002 08068478
0xa8a49e48: a8a49e88 b78495a0 b7aa1148 00000000
0xa8a49e58: 00000001 00000001 b7f01370 b7f9fc70

Instructions: (pc=0xb7974869)
0xb7974859: 08 49 89 08 8b 40 08 8b 14 88 8b 42 04 8d 48 08
0xb7974869: 8b 40 08 52 51 ff 50 5c 8b 06 83 c4 10 8b 08 85

Stack: [0xa89cb000,0xa8a4b000), sp=0xa8a49de8, free space=507k
Native frames: (J=compiled Java code, j=interpreted, Vv=VM code, C=native code)
V []
V []
V []
V []
V []
V []
V []
V []
V []
V []
V []
V []
V []
V []
V []
V []

VM_Operation (0xa5afbe90): full generation collection, mode: safepoint, requested by thread 0xa70de510

--------------- P R O C E S S ---------------

Java Threads: ( => current thread )
0xa5b73268 JavaThread "Timer-18" [_thread_blocked, id=4187]
0xa7de91d0 JavaThread "Thread-265" [_thread_blocked, id=4186]
0xa7de2aa8 JavaThread "Timer-17" [_thread_blocked, id=4062]
0x083df2e8 JavaThread "MySQL Statement Cancellation Timer" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=31063]
0x0835ca90 JavaThread "Timer-0" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=31062]
0x080ef7c0 JavaThread "Dispatcher-Thread-3" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=31051]
0x08368c50 JavaThread "AWT-Shutdown" [_thread_blocked, id=27505]
0xa70de510 JavaThread "AWT-EventQueue-1" [_thread_blocked, id=27495]
0x08523c10 JavaThread "TimerQueue" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=27485]
0x0850f8b8 JavaThread "AWT-XAWT" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=27480]
0x08472e20 JavaThread "Java2D Disposer" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=27477]
0x083c8230 JavaThread "Dispatcher-Thread-1" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=27460]
0xa70d64b8 JavaThread "DestroyJavaVM" [_thread_blocked, id=27384]
0x080c46c8 JavaThread "Low Memory Detector" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=27399]
0x080c3160 JavaThread "CompilerThread0" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=27391]
0x080c2298 JavaThread "Signal Dispatcher" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=27390]
0x080b7de8 JavaThread "Finalizer" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=27389]
0x080b7110 JavaThread "Reference Handler" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=27388]

Other Threads:
=>0x080b2e18 VMThread [id=27387]
0x080c5b60 WatcherThread [id=27400]

VM state:at safepoint (normal execution)

VM Mutex/Monitor currently owned by a thread: ([mutex/lock_event])
[0x0805df20/0x0805df48] Threads_lock - owner thread: 0x080b2e18
[0x0805e370/0x0805e388] Heap_lock - owner thread: 0xa70de510

def new generation total 7808K, used 4656K [0xa8ae0000, 0xa9370000, 0xab580000)
eden space 6848K, 54% used [0xa8ae0000, 0xa8e8c020, 0xa9190000)
from space 960K, 93% used [0xa9190000, 0xa9270000, 0xa9280000)
to space 960K, 0% used [0xa9280000, 0xa9280000, 0xa9370000)
tenured generation total 17464K, used 12294K [0xab580000, 0xac68e000, 0xb0ae0000)
the space 17464K, 70% used [0xab580000, 0xac181a20, 0xac181c00, 0xac68e000)
compacting perm gen total 24576K, used 24574K [0xb0ae0000, 0xb22e0000, 0xb32e0000)
the space 24576K, 99% used [0xb0ae0000, 0xb22dfb88, 0xb22dfc00, 0xb22e0000)
No shared spaces configured.

Dunamic libraries deleted

VM Arguments:
jvm_args: -Duser.timezone=US/Pacific -Xms24m -Xmx128m -XX:NewSize=8m -XX:NewRatio=2 -XX:SurvivorRatio=7 -XX:MaxPermSize=40m
java_command: com.cvs.rxconnect.login.LaunchSwingApp 09791 1 TITLE=wks01:Alt-F1
Launcher Type: SUN_STANDARD

Environment Variables:

Signal Handlers:
SIGSEGV: [], sa_mask[0]=0x7ffbfeff, sa_flags=0x10000004
SIGBUS: [], sa_mask[0]=0x7ffbfeff, sa_flags=0x10000004
SIGFPE: [], sa_mask[0]=0x7ffbfeff, sa_flags=0x10000004
SIGPIPE: SIG_IGN, sa_mask[0]=0x00000000, sa_flags=0x00000000
SIGILL: [], sa_mask[0]=0x7ffbfeff, sa_flags=0x10000004
SIGUSR1: SIG_DFL, sa_mask[0]=0x00000000, sa_flags=0x00000000
SIGUSR2: [], sa_mask[0]=0x00000000, sa_flags=0x10000004
SIGHUP: [], sa_mask[0]=0x7ffbfeff, sa_flags=0x10000004
SIGINT: [], sa_mask[0]=0x7ffbfeff, sa_flags=0x10000004
SIGQUIT: [], sa_mask[0]=0x7ffbfeff, sa_flags=0x10000004
SIGTERM: [], sa_mask[0]=0x7ffbfeff, sa_flags=0x10000004

--------------- S Y S T E M ---------------

uname:Linux #1 PREEMPT Thu Sep 25 20:40:43 EDT 2008 i686
libc:glibc 2.3.5 NPTL 2.3.5
rlimit: STACK 8192k, CORE 0k, NPROC 4031, NOFILE 1024, AS infinity
load average:0.44 0.23 0.09

CPU:total 1 (cores per cpu 1, threads per core 1) family 6 model 9 stepping 8, cmov, cx8, fxsr, mmx, sse

Memory: 4k page, physical 508432k(7772k free), swap 0k(0k free)

vm_info: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (1.5.0_11-b03) for linux-x86, built on Dec 15 2006 02:25:41 by java_re with gcc 3.2.1-7a (J2SE release)