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    jmap -histo on windows 2003 gives windows error 8 - Not enough storage ...

      I'm trying to run jmap -histo on a Windows 2003 server. Doing this gives me the windows helpmsg 8 text - Not enough storage is available to process command.
      It throws the message instantaneously. The process I'm running against is an exe that wraps the jvm.

      If I run this on a Windows xp machine I have no problem. I thought it might have to do with the user the service is running as but this proved to be not be the case. I logged in as that user and tried to run the same command with the same result. Also, running jmap against the java process itself, meaning running java from the command line, does work on windows 2003. This unfortunately is not an option.

      I'm using jdk 1.6.0_06. The VM used by the service is jre 1.6.0_03.

      Any ideas?