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    Increasing number of class loaded. Class leak?

      Hi there,

      I am concern about the high number of classes loaded by one application. Using JConsole I see linear time raising in the number of classes loaded, after monitoring that for about 24 hours the number of loaded classes continues increasing (more than 100.000), while the number of unloaded classes is less than 0.5%. So far no memory leak was observed after 24 hours.

      I guess there is a logical leak in the application but I don't understand why this has no effect on the memory usage.

      - Do you know about the possible reasons / side effects of this ugly class leak behavior?

      - I've tried to find out more info about the class loading, but it seems to be a kind of tricky to self manage the loading/unloading process.

      I'd really appreciate any information/documentation/experiences.

      Thanks in advance.