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    How to debug using VisualVm

      Hi guys,

      I have an issue with my current application which is after I run it for like several hours, the CPU usage goes up to 99% and the application become unresponsive. I have attached the threaddump below (this is after I pressed the "stop" button in my application which is suppose to stop all the communication and timers inside my application)

      [My thread dump|http://freetexthost.com/cm5mtl1lwv]

      My questions:

      1. Why is there many RMI TCP Connections in state of RUNNABLE even I have set the connection timeout to 3 seconds and close each connection ?

      2. At this state, on the server side I don't see any incoming connection from my application. What's the TCP Connection doing ?

      Really appreciate your thoughts guys.

      Thank you.