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    how do I rename a file to a folder?  (problem with \'s?)

      I'm trying to write a file to a folder doing this:
          String outputDir = "C:\Documents and Settings\mgs145\Desktop\";
          String newfilename = outputDir + tempname;
          oldfile.renameTo(new File(newfilename));
      However, nothing's happening, and I think the problem is in the outputDir assignment line.
      As it's shown here, I get compiler errors for the \'s, so I've been monkeying around with them, but cant' get them to work. Can someone tell me how I need to do this?
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          Is that really your code? The backslash within a string must be escaped with another backslash. E.g.
          will become

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            "C:\\Documents and Settings\\mgs145\\Desktop\\"
            This is how a single \ is represented in a string literal.
            There may be other problems as well.
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              @Op. There are also restrictions on how you can rename a file. What gets printed if you print oldfile and newfile?

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                Thank you both. I fixed that line, putting in
                's, but it's still not working. I thought that was the culprit, but obviously not. So, here's my code:
                File f = new File("C:/Documents and Settings/mgs145/Desktop/PDF Export");
                String[] ffs = null;
                if ( f.exists()  &&  f.isDirectory() ) 
                    {ffs = f.list();
                String outputDir = "C:\\Documents and Settings\\mgs145\\Desktop\\";
                String wsName = getWSName();
                //the next lines are used in Intralink - they are used to configure the Intralink window, and are not the culprit
                IL.openWindow("Workspace", wsName, "");
                IL.openWindow( "TableConfig", "", "" ); 
                IL.removeAllVisibleColumns(  ); 
                IL.addVisibleColumn( "Name" ); 
                IL.addVisibleColumn( "Revision" ); 
                // end intralink window configuration
                Object selobs[] = IL.getSelectedObjects("WSPI");
                int len = selobs.length;
                for (int i = 0; i<ffs.length; i++)
                    String tempname = ffs;
                File oldfile = new File(tempname);
                if (!tempname.endsWith(".pdf"))
                if (tempname.startsWith("ENGINEER - "))
                {tempname = tempname.substring(11);
                tempname = tempname.substring(0,tempname.length()-4);
                String rev = "null";
                for (int j=0; j<len; j++)
                String tablename = IL.getTableCellValue("WSPI",j,0).toString();
                if (tablename.startsWith(tempname))
                rev = IL.getTableCellValue("WSPI",j,1).toString();

                tempname = tempname + "_" + rev + ".pdf";
                String newfilename = outputDir + tempname;
                JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, newfilename,"Oops.",JOptionPane.ERROR_MESSAGE); // debug
                JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, oldfile.getName(),"Oops.",JOptionPane.ERROR_MESSAGE); // debug
                oldfile.renameTo(new File(newfilename));
                JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Finished!","Finished",JOptionPane.ERROR_MESSAGE); // notify user
                The JOption messages I use for debugging seem to indicate that everythign is working correctly; It's finding the correct old files to rename, and giving the correct new name; it's just the rename itself that's not working.
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                  Is the file open when you try to do this? Are you renaming to the same directory or are you trying to move it to another directory as well?
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                    The files are not open.

                    As you see it here, obviously it's trying to move it to a different folder.
                    I also tried changing
                    String newfilename = outputDir + tempname;
                    String newfilename = tempname;
                    so that the folder wouldn't be changed, but that didn't work either.
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                      I figured it out. Previously, with the command

                      String tempname = ffs;
                      File oldfile = new File(tempname);
                      I was not giving oldfile an actual existing path & file. I changed it to:

                      String tempname = ffs[i];
                      String path = f.getPath();
                      String fullName = path + "/" + tempname;
                      File oldfile = new File(fullName);

                      and now it works.