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    Dynamically Created Array Classes

      Hi All,

      In the following code:
      int[] j = {10, 20, 30, 40, 50};

      We know that this will create a dynamic array class with name [I.
      Now JVM Specificatin says that 'All methods on arrays are ibherted from class Object except the clone method, which array override. All arrays implement the interfaces Coneable and java.io.Serializable.'

      My doubt is that in the JavaDoc, which class I should refer to figure out how is this clone() method implemented in the [I class and what other interfaces it implements (if it does)/
      Basically, i need the javadoc for dynamically created array classes like [I . [[D etc.
      How Can I find it?

      In addition, if you could pass the code snippet used to create this array class [I ?