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    Paging in JSP

      Hello All,

      I am facing a problem in designing a JSP. I am using mutiple queries from multiple tables to get the result set. The result set contains huge data. i am displaying them in a single page. I want to display in mutiple pages. Could any please help in solving this problem.

      One important point is that i am not using any tag-lib directives and neither i want it to be used in my program.

      Please help me
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          Why don't you limit your querys in your sql statement? Soemthing like this

          SELECT TOP(100) .....

          and grab the last key (or something that can identify the last row retrieved) and when the user requests more records, go again to the db with the same procedure

          Manuel Leiria
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            I reckon you could do the paging with a servlet, which:
            1. executes the query
            2. caches the results on disk (against a queryID)
            3. prepares the first page of results, and returns it (with the queryID)
            5. subsequent pages are retrieved by queryID.


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