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    Accessing Live data stream

      I am really a Java novice but i have this question:

      I have access to a platform that streams live data on the chart. I log in to the platform via the website i.e i have not downloaded any software locally. The supplier says that data is sent to my local machine as Java Applets so the applets must be on my local machine somehwere. How can i access or find these applets on my machine. The time frames that i can view on the chart are tick, 1min,5min,10min,15min,30min and 60min all live data.
      the reason i need to access the data to write a program that displays numbers on the bars of the chart as they stream.
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          I don't know what the source and transport protocols are for your system. What software are you using?

          And, no, the system does not send you applets. The data is sent to an applet, it is not the applet, but rather a socket that is being sent data that you need to hook up to. That would require API access to their software.