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    How can I query with date criteria for schedule with Recurrance date

      Please give me your kindly suggestions.

      I'm working on a project that each profile account has it's own schedule for service being provided for this account. The schedule object has the following field as

      "Schedule start date"
      "how often it recurs"(user enters the number of weeks), saved as integer
      "Monday, Tuesday....Friday"(user selects from a dropdown list) service should be provided on that date

      For example:
      profile1 schedule starts on today(Monday, recurs every one week on Monday
      profile2 schedule starts on today(Monday), recurs every two weeks on Monday

      When I run the query to see how many services should be provided today(Monday) )(today's date is the criteria), the list should only show profile1, not profile2.
      If run the query for next Monday, the list should show both profile1 & profile 2. How can I differentiate these two schedules?

      Thanks in advance