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    Loading custom Generic Loader type extracts broken after patch 7616161

      Before applying 7616161, we could perform full ETL operations within iSetup using custom apis for a seeded .lct file. After applying this patch, extracts still work using the same custom apis, but loads fail with the following error:

      Validating Primary Extract...
      Parsing driver.xml
      Time taken to parse the Driver file and construct setup objects:25 milliseconds

      Sorting Apis based on their dependency...
           at oracle.apps.az.r12.api.APISorter.sortBySeqNum(APISorter.java:599)
           at oracle.apps.az.r12.loader.cpserver.APILoader.groupApis(APILoader.java:449)
           at oracle.apps.az.r12.loader.cpserver.APILoader.loadAPIs(APILoader.java:226)
           at oracle.apps.az.r12.loader.cpserver.APILoader.callAPIs(APILoader.java:141)
           at oracle.apps.az.r12.loader.cpserver.LoaderContextImpl.load(LoaderContextImpl.java:66)
           at oracle.apps.az.r12.loader.cpserver.LoaderCp.runProgram(LoaderCp.java:65)
           at oracle.apps.fnd.cp.request.Run.main(Run.java:157)

      Concurrent program completed.

      Any help would be most appreciated.