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    Library for writing EXIF and IPTC in images?


      I'm trying to read and write EXIF and IPTC Data from and to JPEG images. As reading seems to be quite well covered by some libraries like Imagero, Sanselan, Drew Noake's ExifReader etc, writing seems to be a bit more difficult.

      Are there also some libs for easy and convenient writing of EXIF/IPTC Tags?
      Sanselan seems to have some little bugs (still waiting for response on the mailinglist), JAI provides writing, but according to the postings I have found yet it doesn't seem too easy, Imagero seems to be easy (not yet tested) but not really free.

      So, does anyone know some easy to use and free (for noncommercial usage) libraries for editing EXIF/IPTC data - possibly without having to get too much into the Jpeg/Exif specification?
      I'd also be happy about hints to (simple) tutorials of JAI (I've possibly only found complex examples).

      Thanks in advance.