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    Communicate with FireWire ieee1394 port

      Hi all
      Let me briefly explain my current situation. I'm trying to use an Audio Interface as a Micrphone arrays. In my case, Audio interface is a device which has 8 microphones input on it and is connected to the computer by FireWire port (ieee1394 6pin). So by connecting 8 microphone to it, it works as an A to D and the audio signals of these 8 microphones will be transmitted to my computer via firewire. Now the problem is how to read from firewire port by means of a java program to record these signals?
      The more I searched the less I found in this topic.
      PS1: I work in linux.
      PS2: I am not sure if I understand the probmel clearly or not. So any clue to make the difficulities of the problem more clear would be appreciated.
      Thanks in advance for all your helps :D