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    HelloWorl beginner Question - Help

      I got 2 questions

      1.) i tried to run the demo examples .. first i went to the directory that contains the demo jars
      then i typed the command
      java -jar HelloWorld,jar

      i got the following error message
      All general Mode JSAPI Synthesizers and Voices:

      Using voice: kevin
      No synthesizer created.  This may be the result of any
      number of problems.  It's typically due to a missing
      +"speech.properties" file that should be at either of+
      these locations:

      user.home    : C:\Documents and Settings\Shami
      java.home/lib: C:\Program Files\Java\jre\JRE1\lib

      Another cause of this problem might be corrupt or missing
      voice jar files in the freetts lib directory.  This problem
      also sometimes arises when the freetts.jar file is corrupt
      or missing.  Sorry about that.  Please check for these
      various conditions and then try again.

      What can i do to make this program run ??

      02.) I need to convert voice to text. i have tried running the HelloWorld Example but i am getting a NullPointer Exception. i went through some of the post in this forum and found most of the people have got the same error and i was unable to find the correct answer from it.

      i got the nullPointerError at
      i belive that i have not set the speech.properties file in the correct location. i tried inserting it in the JRE/Lib folder and in the project. still theres no hope.

      could some one please help me ... :(