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    Help with java speech technology

      Hey all

      Your going to love me...

      I have very very limited knowledge in this area, yet I have undertaken a task using java speech for my final year project at uni...
      I need to create a mobile phone that has either speech recognition or speech synthesis present.
      I orignally had hoped to develop a mobile that connects to e website and reads the contents of that site out... but seeing as I am really really struggling, this isn't going to happen :(

      So, my new plan is to develop a phone where the user says some text, and the phone converts it into an sms using speech recognition.
      If anyone could think of any other ideas using this technology and phones please feel free to make suggestions.

      The funny thing is, I cant get any software to work at all... I know what software I need, i.e. J2ME, Java speech api, FreeTTS or Sphinx but I cant get my head around it at all... I have been really struggling for months and months and have developed stress and depression through it, and I am currently on a course of tablets prescribed by my doctor to combat the depression. So please if anyone can help, no matter how small the input, then please try and help me...

      Many thanks