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    How to perform Voice Activity Detection (VAD) ?

      Hi everybody,

      I need an application to detect whether human voice is present on the soundcard's input or not. The audio is fed to the Mic or Line-in via a telephone
      line, so the bandwidth is limited to 4Kz, without any complex audio sounds.

      This is not Speech Recognition per-se' as I donot need any intelligent processing or analysis of the meaning of what is spoken.
      Just, whether or not a voice activity is present would do.
      I have come across implementations like Sphinx, TalkingJava (Cloud Garden) but they are complex Speech Recognizers, not mere
      "Voice Activity Detectors".
      So, studying the whole API of them seemingly does not make it worth the while for a fundamental level requirement like this.

      If anyone has tried something similar, could you kindly advice me if this could be accomplished by some simple means ?
      Something like, just firing an event when a human voice frequency is detected ?

      Your help on this is highly appreciated please.

      Thank you.