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    Kerberos jdbc newbie

      Hi all,
      I am a newbie to kerberos and have the following doubts.
      [Please correct me in case of any mistakes in my understandings.]

      I understand that when we connect to databases using kerberos authentication, we can opt to go with a username and password or without it.
      My doubt:


      1) Which is the jar that contains the oracle and mssql jdbc driver classes for kerberos authentication? [ I have found the one for db2]


      1) when we give a username and password and opt not to go for caching the TGT on the client, is it that each time i connect to the server, a new TGT is created? In that case, aren't we forfeiting the advantage of having to transmit the credentials only once through the network?
      2) what is the advantage of doing so? (that we still go for that method with the above disadvantage)