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    Beginner in java3D (and french :)

      Hi all!!
      Im french, so sorry in advance if my english isn't perfect :)

      We are trying to create a video game with the J3d API. This game should be a quake like or something like that, something that allow you to move in a world and to interact with objects.

      I have 2 questions about java3d:

      - First, with a SimpleUnivers, how can i have a larger visibility of my world? In fact, when i place an object in the world and that step back the view, the object will quickly desapear, and i want it to be visible for a long time... (for realism :)

      - Second question: i our game, when you press on the space bar, the view (and your avatar ^^) move forward , and you can turn left or right with the keyPad.
      But you cant do those action in the same time: if i keep the space bar pressed and i press on another button, the space bar's action will be canceled. Differently said, we cant both walk forward AND trun left...
      What must i do to resolv this problem?

      Thanks in advance for your answers :)
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          for the first problem, there are 2 possible cases:

          1, you're moving to fast and the object gets small very quickly

          2, you need to move the back clipping plane farther away from your camera. The back clipping pane defines how far away something is before it is considerred 'invisible' and therefore not renderred.

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            Ok tanks for your answer, but how can i move the back clipping plane farther away from the camera?
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              Oh, thanks. I recently encounters the same problem.
              I think the answer may be :

              {color:#0000ff}View : setBackClipDistance {color}