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    Which OpenGL wrapper is prefered

      Hi All...

      I am new to Java and swing. I am writing an academic project using java and swing and I need to use OpenGL(which I familiar)in my project.
      I saw some OpenGL wrappers for Java(I counted 3) and since I have no experience on it, I would like to ask which OpenGL wrapper is preferred By its:
      - stability
      - good docs
      - and mostly known as most preferred options

      Many thanks for Helps....

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          I played with lwjgl and jogl before, but have no experience with the gl4java. I think this is the third binding that you are talking about. I don't think that lwjgl supports swing and awt, but the other two bindings do so. jogl seems to be the most supported one, I downloaded the example source codes and found them quite useful. By the way, gl4java seems to be the outdated than the other two and jogl is kind of replacing it. At least this is what I gathered by some reading. lw in lwjgl means light weight and it won't give all the features of jogl. I did not have too much time to compare all three, so I focused on jogl and lwjgl for my own purposes. Both have nice examples online on their respective websites, but use of swing will require the use of jogl in your case. I hope this helps.