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    cannot display Chinese in Fedora 11

      I have a Java application (Java version 1.5) which is running on Fedora Core 5. I was able to set up that machine to display Chinese easily by install a Chinese font rpm. After I installed that rpm, the browser can display Chinese characters and my application can also display Chinese characters.

      But when I move my application to Fedora Core 11, I cannot make Chinese characters showing up but some squares. The new machine can display Chinese web page so I think the Chinese font is available on the machine. I tried to install the same Chinese font rpm on the new machine but was told there are some dependences and also conflictions.

      I have looked at the fonts available on these machines. I found the old machine have "chinese/TrueType" directory available after I installed that font rpm but there is no similiar directory in the new machine.

      Anybody can point me to the right direction? Do I need to do some configuration in Java side for the new machine?