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    What is the link betwen java and font files?

      I am trying to develop a JTextField for Telugu (a south Indian Language). A Telugu True Type font was installed and specified as the font for the JTexField. A sequence of Unicode characters for Telugu was declared as a String and passed to the JTextField through setText(). I am able to get a valid display of the Telugu letters..

      My problem is this : In Telugu there are equivalent representations for certain code sequences, for example the halant form and the vattu form letters . I am unable to determine the alternate forms by manipulating the code sequences.
      As I am able to get the required form through drawGlyphVector (in a graphic component), Glyphs for the alternate forms are available in the font file.
      Can anybody please throw some light on the link between font files and java environment ? How are character codes converted to glyphs ? Is the conversion solely determined .ttf file or does java have other inter connecting software ? or it is defined by the operating system?