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    How to Export data to TXT or any file in selected language ?


      I need some urgent help regarding EXPORT problem in I18N.

      When i am trying to export data to a file (of any format, say *.txt) , content is not displayed in the
      selected language, "??????" symboles are appeared in place of that unicodes (that represents the content in the selected language).

      Please help me in finding a solution for this,

      Thanks in advance

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          When you write to that file, you'll have to use a suitable charset. In your case (you didn't post any code, why not?) I guess you are allowing the system to use its default charset, and that isn't capable of encoding the characters you have there.

          So, first you will have to decide what charset to use when you write the data to that file. Don't just choose one at random, choose one which the people reading the file, and their software which they use to read it, will be able to deal with.

          Second, use an OutputStreamWriter which specifies that charset and wrap it around a FileOutputStream which directs output to that file.