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      i am reading arabic text from csv file,for file reading i m using

      BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(InputStreamReader(new FileInputStream((file),"ISO-8859-6")))

      in the same class itself, I am displaying that arabic text in JTextFiled,its displaying as Arabic.

      When i am inserting that arabic text into SQL Server 2003,its storing as Question Mark(?????????).

      the Arabic Text field data Type is Nvarchar, and i am adding N to Prefix of Arabic Text

      How to solve this Problem(its java Swing Application)
      its Vary Urgent,
      any one can help me
      Thank You
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          when you save the data to SQL server you must converted to Unicode first
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            can you please show me how? because i'm going through the same problem and i need a solution very soon!
            if possible, can you provide a working example?


            problem was solved by setting the charSet encoding to "UTF-8" in the connection to sql server using the jdbc-odbc bridge

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              If the text was correctly read than the data should be available as UTF-16 in the memory. Converting it with this call should help if utf-8 is required. Remember that you get a ByteBuffer of which you can call the array() method to retrieve the raw data.

              Hope that helps.