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    storing and retrieving arabic in SQL Server 2000

      hello, i realize this problem has been posted lots before but i read in the forum and i couldn't find a solution to fix my problem
      i am developing a desktop application in java and sql server 2000, and i'm using JBuilder for writing my java codes

      here's the problem

      i can MANUALLY store arabic text in my database (directly in SQL Sever Query Analyzer) and can read it in arabic properly in SQL Server, but if i want to retrieve the arabic text in a query in JAVA, for example:
      select * from person
      i see weird characters (not question marks) but not the original arabic text

      and if i type arabic text in a java textfield and use the value entered in an sql query, for example:
      sqlQuery = "insert into person (fname) values ('" + jtfFName.getText() + "')";
      it is inserted in SQL Server as ?????s and when i retrieve the values from the table i also see it as ?????s

      even when i converted all the data types in the database to unicode data types (*nchar* instead of char and nvarchar instead of varchar) and modified the sql query to the following:
      sqlQuery = "insert into person (fname) values (N'" + jtfFName.getText() + "')";
      (N outside the single quotation mark since according to rules on msdn)
      it still didn't solve the problem

      please i need urgent help with this issue!