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    username and password

      ok so far ive got the password working

      public void actionPerformed( ActionEvent evt)

      String cmd = evt.getActionCommand();

      if (password.equals(cmd)&& name.equals(cmd))
      *{ //Process the password.*
      char[] input = menupasswordtext.getPassword();
      if (isPasswordCorrect(input))
      *else {*
      *"Invalid password. Try again.",*
      *"Error Message",*
      *private static boolean isPasswordCorrect(char[] input) {*
      boolean isCorrect = true;
      *char[] correctPassword = { 'p', 'a', 's', 's', 'w', 'o', 'r','d' };*
      *if (input.length != correctPassword.length) {*
      isCorrect = false;
      *} else {*
      isCorrect = Arrays.equals (input, correctPassword);

      *//Zero out the password.*

      return isCorrect;

      but im trying now to put together a username with that password but i dont know how to. im using a textfield for the username just trying to put that together with the passwordfield.

      any ideas?
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