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    Open JFrame on a specific DISPLAY on X11 enviroment

      I have a problem that I'm unable to solve.
      I have a Java Application (on Linux with X11 XServer display manager ) running in background that has to open, once received the request, JFrames on the client display. So if I launch the client from "display1", I have to open a JFrame on display1 and then if I launch again the client from "display2", I have to open a JFrame on display2.

      But I found no way do specify where (on which display) I want to open my frame.

      I saw there is a JFrame constructor using GraphicsConfiguration but it I can access only to Local GraphicsConfiguration, so I didn't understand the meaning of this parameter. ;-)

      I tryed even to chenge runtime the value of $DISPLAY environment variable just before the "new" call but it seems that awt connect to XServer only the first time I use a "graphic call" using correctly my $DISPLAY changed value.
      So all my frames appear on the display from which the first client connects.

      There is a way to tell awt to open a window on a specific DISPLAY ?

      Thanks to all