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    JInitiator & AccessBridge

      Hi all,

      I am trying to install the Access Bridge to run with JInitiator. Using the instructions found at:


      I can successfully install and use the Access Bridge with JInitiator (using the 1.3.x instructions), however using the 1.1.8.x instructions I can not get Access Bridge to work with JInitiator

      Can anyone confirm that Access Bridge WILL work with 1.1.8.x, and if so, which version/instructions shall I use?

      I am using Delphi and wrote a DLL interface for AccessBridge 1.0.3, should I be using AccessBridge 1.0.2 instead for 1.1.8.x?

      Thanks for any replies,
      Jonathan Hills - Knowlege Solutions (UK) Ltd.

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          Hi Jonathan,
          I see it has been a while since you posted this question and I was wondering if in the meantime you figured out a way to solve this problem?
          I'm having the issue with accessbridge & JInitiator.

          I'll appreciate any kind of information you can give me.

          Naomi Ravitz
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            Hi there,

            JAB 1.02 can run with JInitiator 1.1.8.x
            Be carefull when editing the awt.properties file: Remove all blank characters at the end of each line.

            Hope this helps.
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              I'm trying to set the text of a controls on TABS (oracle forms using JInitiator), but the access bridge method setTextContents always fails, I can only read/get the text in that control but can't set it i'm using Java Access Bridge for Microsoft Windows, Version 2.0.1
              and Oracle JInitiator