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    Accessibility of JComboBox problem

      Hi everyone!

      I've got two applications. One of them make changes in the components of the other one through the Accessibility API. (Both are running on the same VM)
      I make changes without problem in JButton, JTextComponent...
      But I've got a JComboBox with 4 options, and the "reader/writer" application has to select the third option, and I can't get a way to do this with Accessibility.
      I can see the JComboBox and its internal structure (a Viewport, a BasicPopUp, a JPanel, ScrollButtons, a ComboList, and the four options).
      The only available action is in the JComboBox and is the togglePopUp that toggles it without problem.
      But I can't get a way to select one of the options of the toggled up pop up.

      Does anybody has an example code for doing this?

      Thank you a lot!