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    Weird Table Focus when using Accessibility with JAWS


      I've recently be tasked with accessibility, which includes making the program readable when using Freedom Scientifics JAWS screen reader. I find, for the most part, that it works reasonably well.

      This problem occurs with Java 1.4.2_13 (and access bridge)and JAWS 8.0. [Yes, there are newer versions ... ]. I've tested this out using SimpleTableDemo.java (the JTable demonstration), so it's not just our code.

      The problem is that when I'm on a JTable and using Tab to move around between lines, two weird things will happen:

      1) When I tab from the last column to col 1, row N+1, the screen reader will say (approx) "Col 1, Row <n-1>, <Column Name> <value of n-1,1> not selected. Col 1, Row <n>, <Column Name> <value of n,1> selected."

      Question -- is there a way to keep the screen readers from saying the deselection? Note that if I move via Arrows (instead of tabs), I just hear the current cell. I imagine one way to do this would be to catch the tab and have it act like an arrow button, but that would affect all readers. I'm just wondering if there's a way to adjust the accessibility settings so that deselects aren't read? (This may be a JAWS question).

      2) When I do TAB, the cell renders some values incorrectly, but only when the screen reader is turned on. This doesn't happen when I run under access bridge with the JAWS turned off. The cell with focus always seems to render correctly, though.

      Question -- Is there a good resource for known Java/JAWS interoperability bugs. Freedom Scientific's knowledge base doesn't seem to deal with issues when running Java applications.

      Anyway, I realize that these aren't really 'core' issues, more like tool questions, but I'm stymied. Thanks for any pointers.

      [Edit - I just noticed that a similar question was asked a few months ago].

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