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    Network latency due to launching the application from mapped drive


      I am seeing this as mystery and not getting crystal clear idea on the reason for the issue. Issue is related to the performance of the application interms of time it is taking in processing the input file.

      I wrote a swing application, which is a client application. Which takes some parameters like server name and iphostaddress and connects to the Process Server which is, responsible for processing client application requests. Client application will communicate with process server through TCP/IP connection and process the input file and returns the decisions back to the user through the output file.

      Below is the scenarios I am using for launching the application:

      1. If both client application and server are running locally in my desktop the time it is taking to process the input file is 2 minutes.
      2. If client is running my application and server is running remotely on wondows server, it's taking 13 minutes to process same input file.
      3. To reduce the time in scenario2, I installed the client appliation also on the remote server ( so that both client and server application are running on the windows server). and mapped the server's share drive to my desktop. And launched the application from my desktop (from U drive, where application is mapped), now it's taking 10 minutes to process the same input file.

      I am struggling in understanding why it's taking that long in scenario 3. Because application is installed locally on the server and input file and output files also copied onto the U drive. Sometimes thinking am I launching the application in the right way or not?

      Can somebody explain me, if we launch the remote java application through drive mapping will there be network latency there eventhough everything is there on the server (U drive)? Here I need to tell one more scenario 4, If loginto the remote windows server and launch the client application time it's taking to process the same input file is about a minute.

      Thanks in advance,