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    JavaMonkey does not display all the info for a app


      I tried to use the code used by Javamonkey to display windows information for all the childs in a applicaiton. It displays info regarding edit box,combobox etc. It's not displaying information regarding some frame.Using JavaFerret, with mouse move I get this information.

      //Info from java ferret.
      AccessibleContext information at mouse point [0, 0]:
      Role: unknown
      Role in en_US locale: unknown
      States: enabled,focusable
      States in en_US locale: enabled,focusable
      Index in parent: 0
      Children count: 1
      Bounding rectangle: [-1, -1, -2, -2]
      Top-level window name: Kenan FX
      Top-level window role: frame
      Parent name:
      Parent role: viewport
      Visible descendents count: 18
      Descendent 0 name:
      Descendent 0 role: panel
      Descendent 1 name:
      Descendent 1 role: panel
      Descendent 2 name:
      Descendent 2 role: panel
      Descendent 3 name:
      Descendent 3 role: panel
      Descendent 4 name:
      Descendent 4 role: panel

      Please tell me why java monkey fails to get info for this window. Is there any specific api to be used?