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    Accessibility and Java Web Start

      Hi All,

      Has anyone used the accessibility utils with an application deployed with Java Web Start? It seems there are some security issues with this. Apparently you can only specify properties in the .jnlp file that are considered "secure" and javax.accessibility.assistive_technologies is not one of them. If I put the accessibility.properties file in the jre/lib folder, I cannot get any Web Start app to run at all. Surely there is a way to provide an assitive technology to a Web Start application or even an applet for that matter. Any ideas?

      many thanks!

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          "For an untrusted application, system properties set in the JNLP file will only be set by Java Web Start if they are considered secure, or if the property name begins with "jnlp." or "javaws.". "

          It sounds as though accessibility apps. need to be trusted.

          Do you run Ant (or NetBeans, Eclipse..*)?

          I have a build file (+source etc.) that shows how to deploy a trusted application using a 'self-signed' certificate. Try the zip file listed on the RHS of the page at this anchor.

          The site is not up at this instant, but I think that URL is correct.

          * Or any major IDE that understands Ant build files.
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            Thanks for your response.

            Yeah, I actually already have a signed jar. It shouldn't be an issue.

            The docs are a little confusing. The sentence above the one you quoted says,

            "Some properties are considered "secure" properties and can be passed as -Dkey=value arguments on the java invocation command line.
            The following properties are considered "secure" and will be passed to the VM in this way:


            which to me implies these are for trusted applications since the sentence after is talking about untrusted applications, but maybe it depends on how you read it. :)

            If I supply the argument to the VM with -D and then print all the System.properties, the property is not set. I can set other properties, for example -Dfoo=this -Dfee=that and those are set. Also if I use the accessibility.properties file instead of -D parameter, the "Java loading..." flash screen just hangs and then terminates. I don't get anything useful in the log files. One would think if it's an invalid property, I would get an error message somewhere.
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              I am trying to get the access bridge working as well.

              But where do you find the c:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_05\lib\ext\accessibility.properties file?

              I have installed Java Platform SEE6 (i.e. the latest java runtime 1.6) but as I have a duel boot system, the Java Access Bridge page tells me I have to install manually access bridge 2.0, and I have followed all the steps, but cannot find this file....

              How do you get Access Bridge, JavaFerret, JavaMonkey up and running without the accessibility.properties file ?
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                accessibility.properties does not exist. You have to create it and it should go directly in the lib folder not lib/ext. Also put you jaccess.jar and the examples jar in the lib/ext. Give that a try.