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    EJB Beginner Question

      Hello All

      I am a beginner with EJB's. Please bear with me. After reading J2EE books and testing my knowledge on JBOSS, I have the following questions:

      1) If the server is deployed on Machine A and the client has to call the remote beans from Machine B, is it possible? Does JNDI has to be configured on Machine B as well? The deployment descriptor for client was given as follows in my reference:
      <ejb-ref-name> My bean </ejb-ref-name>
      <ejb-ref-type> Session </ejb-ref-type>
      <home> Mybeanhome </home>
      <remote> Mybeanremote </remote>
      How can I specify in the deployment descriptor the URL of the remote service? I am thinking there is no way the client will run on Machine B without Jboss or web server. Right or wrong?

      2) If one wants to call beans on Machine A from Machine B, it is possible with web services (SOAP, WSDL,etc.). This is the only way to communicate with the remote beans. Right or wrong?

      3) JMS between machine A and machine B is not possible. The sender and producer must reside on the same machine or single JVM instance.

      4) If (3) is true, how can senders and producers on different JVM's on the same machine communicate?

      5) The only way to call a server on Machine A from client on Machine B is via RMI. Right or wrong?

      I could not find answers to these questions in the references and on web. Wherever I look the reference material says the localhost has to be used in jndi.properties.

      I would appreciate your feedback on these pressing questions.

      Thanks for your help