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      My operating system is Fedora 6. When I go to the BeanBox directory and execute run.sh; the build tool opens, but I have none of the beans that come with the installation.

      I can not load beans that I create; clicking the menu option fails to display a browser dialog.

      I feel the source of my problems is that I can not successfully run the make files that come with BeanBuilder. The make file is written for gnumake. Should Fedora 6's make file successfully execute UNIX gnumake?
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          Hi, Friend.

          The latest BeanBuilder (BeanBuilder 0.6 alpha) no more runs from its run .sh although so is instructed in the website. It requires an installation of "Apache ant" for its functioning. Further You need the JDK rather than the JRE since the builder uses the Swing BeanInfo classes in the dt.jar.

          I have explained the installation of latest BeanBuilder (BeanBuilder 0.6 alpha) on windows platform at the following thread in Developer Forums.


          U may check that and try on Fedora similarly.

          If u like I shall explain u the installation of latest BeanBuilder (BeanBuilder 0.6 alpha) on Linux platform (Fedora core 3, thats what I use) in a similar step by step fashion.
          Just mail me at cosmicdawn05@yahoo.co.in . I shall guide u.

          But my point is Why do u need an obsolete unsupported tool like BeanBuilder and that's also an alpha version of that.

          Why don't u use NetBeans IDE. Much more efficient, well documented and supported.

          I suggest u the following:

          1> Download JDK 6 with Netbeans 5.5 RPM or bin package from the URL below and install it.


          2>On Nov 10, 2006 SUN has updated its java tutorial latest. That updation contains the very long waited latest updated javabeans tutorial. That explains how to use NetBeans to develop JavaBeans as well as the latest JavaBeans features. It's a beautiful tutorial of just 18 web pages. Download it (tutorial.zip, tut-examples.zip, tut-swing.zip) from the following URL and follow the JavaBeans trail.


          3> Enjoy your experience.

          If u face any problem at all, feel absolutely free to mail me at cosmicdawn05@yahoo.co.in

          Is that O.K.?

          May your wishes all come true.

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            I want bean builder software. would you please send me?
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              Hi ,
              How to download bean builder, do u know the site where I can download it..
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                i need bdk my email address is :venkat_408rediffmail.com