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      Greetings Group,

      I have been beating my head against the java.beans.beancontext package for a while now and for the life of me I can find no examples of what "service selectors" are. I have googled it up and down to no avail. There are no code examples that I can freely find anywhere that illustrates creating and using these mysterious service selectors. They are described as: "...a list of service dependent service parameters (Service Selectors) for the specified service,..", in the BeanContextServicesSupport class javadoc, and elsewhere in " Extensible Runtime Containment and Services Protocol for JavaBeans Version 1.0" , I find:

      "The Service Selector parameter is a service dependent value used by a service requestor for a particular service in order to parameterize the service to be provided to it by the BeanContextServiceProvider. Some examples of its usage are; a parameter to a constructor for the service implementation class; a value for a particular service’s property, or as a key into a map of existing implementations."

      OK... does anybody out there use these things? There are no code examples for using them anywhere in the whole wide world; not that I can find...or rather, that google can find. Am I on a snipe hunt? I'm just looking for a logical useful example of someone implimenting some BeanContextServices that relies on service selectors.

      Can anyone help?

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          Do any Sun people browse these boards here on Sun Microsystem's website? I mean, I'm really struggling here trying to find an answer to my question. I've drilled down through hundreds of pages searching on Google for BeanContextServices, service selectors, BeanContextServiceSupport, etc, etc, etc and I can not find ONE line of example code that actually returns anything from getCurrentServiceSelectors(). I can not find one sentence mentioning this method or anything about service selectors being mentioned by anyone except that one tiny miserable piece of paragraph mentioned in the BeanContext Specification. Oh yeah....and what what the javadoc says...or rather fails to say.

          Come on Sun, you have to admit... you really haven't given us much to go on with your help resources on the BeanContext. How about it?