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    Window-level context-sensitive help and JInternalFrames


      I am quite starter with JavaHelp.

      I have a JFrame and several JInternalFrames. My application should provide window-level help by pressing F1 to show help about the current focused frame (Jframe or JInternalFrame).

      In the JFrame I create the Helpset and HelpBroker with this method:
      private void createHelp()
              String helpHS = "help/javahelp/help.hs";
              // Find the HelpSet file and create the HelpSet object:
              ClassLoader cl = MainFrame.class.getClassLoader();
                  URL hsURL = HelpSet.findHelpSet(cl, helpHS);
                  helpSet = new HelpSet(null, hsURL);
              } catch (Exception ee)
                  // Say what the exception really is
                  System.out.println("HelpSet " + ee.getMessage());
                  System.out.println("HelpSet " + helpHS + " not found");
              // Create a HelpBroker object:
              helpBroker = helpSet.createHelpBroker();
                  jMenuItemHelp.addActionListener(new CSH.DisplayHelpFromSource(helpBroker));
      In the child JInternalFrames I try to set HelpId with this kind of code (for the Frame and RootPane also):
      mainFrame.getHelpBroker().enableHelp(this, JavaHelpIndexes.HelpTopic1_index, mainFrame.getHelpSet());
      mainFrame.getHelpBroker().enableHelp(this.getRootPane(), JavaHelpIndexes.HelpTopic1, mainFrame.getHelpSet());
      CSH.setHelpIDString(this, JavaHelpIndexes.HelpTopic1);
      CSH.setHelpIDString(this.getRootPane(), JavaHelpIndexes.HelpTopic1);
      CSH.setHelpIDString(mHyperlinkUusiVaraus, JavaHelpIndexes.HelpTopic1_index);
      java.awt.event.ActionListener bhelpal = new javax.help.CSH.DisplayHelpFromSource(mainFrame.getHelpBroker());
      Javahelp-viewer launched, but no topic selected.

      Help about help is appreciated...