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    JavaHelp and Synth L&F

      I am in the processes of creating a Synth L&F for one of my applications, but parts of the JavaHelp display do not respond to the Synth settings. I have setup icons for use with the JTree which work in a JTree in my app, but do not work in the JavaHelp TOC tree (I am assuming it is a JTree). I am able to change the background color of the JEditorPane in JavaHelp, so I know JavaHelp is responding to some of my Synth setting. Is this a bug? Is the TOC tree not a true JTree? Do I need to setup a different "region" or "name" in the Synth bind line in the Synth XML file? Thanks for any help on this. If I cannot get JavaHelp to work with Synth, then it will essentially be useless to use it for my application.
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          Also, I have been able to change the length of the left and right tree indents using the following lines in the Synth XML file, so I know it is partially working:

                         <property key="Tree.leftChildIndent" type="integer" value="12" />
                         <property key="Tree.rightChildIndent" type="integer" value="24" />

          I have also tried using default icons (code I found in an Internet article on Synth and JTrees) and my own icons to no avail.
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            You should check the source code. But I guess tree icons are simply set by code, you can't change them just by L&F.
            You should extend some javahelp compenents (the tree panel and everything 'above' it till something you can actually set).

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              Thank you for the inputs. I will check that out. I did come up with a satisfactory solution (though not ideal) - switch to Java's Ocean L&F before launching help and then switching back to the Synth. Since Help is semi-separate from the application, this is ok for what we are doing.