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    Font problem

      I am having a problem with the font output in JavaHelp. The font is fuzzy and bullets are big and distorted. Any help would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,

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          'm also seeing fuzzy fonts, but no problems with bullets. I'm using Doc-To-Help to generate JavaHelp. The JavaHelp fonts displayed in Sun's JavaHelp Viewer are blurry when compared to those in Doc-To-Help's NetHelp displayed in a standard IE browser. In addition, a 12-point Verdana font in JavaHelp yields approximately the same result as a 10-point Verdana font in NetHelp.

          In general, NetHelp is visually crisper and cleaner than JavaHelp. Does anyone know why?
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            JavaHelp apparently discards any user fonts and displays using it's own default fonts.

            Simple test, modify H1 to display changes to background, foreground, size and font family, etc, JavaHelp will not use this but will try and set comparable stuff. Annoying isn't it. Went trough so much trouble in making my fonts eloquent and BAM, JavaHelp Legacy added its own spices.

            Same goes for a lot of CSS stuff as well. Lesson learned, keep the help files as simple as possible, and only use the CSS to set shared dimensional stuff specially if using tables.