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    Alternative Viewer for Javahelp

      Does anybody know a way to use an alternate html viewer instead of the default one provided by javahelp viewer. (There are problems with the viewer like issues with the font size, no support for javascrip etc.) It is mentioned in forums that you can substitute a sophisticated viewer in place of the default given by the javahelp (jhviewer), but couldnt find any document explaining how to do it. (The current help files for the software i am working on is written in HTML 4.01 but I found out that javahelp veiwer supports only html 3.2. I guess the only option for rendering the html files correctly is to substitute the viewer with a more sophisticated one. Correct me if I am wrong.)

      Nuwan Sam
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          [See this|http://weblogs.java.net/blog/brinkley/archive/2004/11/javahelp_v20_02_1.html]
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            Well, I did not get what is mentioned in that page. specifically, I am not clear as to which class need to be changed. for example it says "Keep the "html" variable name as it is used throughout the code and will help isolate the additional changes". But where is this variable html used.
            By the way, I tried using the JDIC, but when the javahelp viewer is loaded once the changes mentioned in the site was done, (JDIC is installed in my machine), It gives an error message: "JDesktop Integration Components binary has encountered a problem and needs to close."

            since the issue of not displaying html 4.01, javascript and CSS is because of deficiencies of the html parser used in the HtmlEditorKit used by javahelp (javax.swing.text.html.HTMLEditorKit), wont we be able to overcome the problem by using a different parser (maybe a third party one which supports all the aforesaid features). Any suggestion regarding that (may be a good parser. Or does sun have a better parser which supports these functionalities) Any idea how to substitute a different parser? (In the first place, will it actually solve the aforesaid issue)