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    javaws doesnt start !

      I have just installed Javaws on RedHat Linux 7.1 ...I dint try to be creative...just did what was written in the document...but at the end of the installation, I get this message...Afterwards, whenever I try to run javaws, it gives me the same msg !

      Java Web Start splash screen process exiting ...
      Can not find message file: No such file or directory
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          I am having a similar problem on Windows 2K with jdk jdk1.3.1_01. I see the splash screen and then nothing happens.
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            OK -- here's the problem -- figured out thanks to other posts in this forum. JWS tries to get connection info from the system's default browser. In my case Netscape was set to the default browser but I recently had uninstalled it. JWS failed with no messages or output anywhere (C'mon now -- don't we deserve an error message or something?!)

            After resetting IE as my default browser the application manager now comes up and the demos run

            Hopefully this exception will be handled better in future releases of JWS
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              hey..but my problem is very different..I dont even seee the splash screeen.. I havent found the solution so far???
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                check your resources directory under java web start and see if you have a messages.properties file in there
                if you dont create one and copy this into it.

                * @(#)messages.properties     1.2 01/03/27
                * Copyright 2001 by Sun Microsystems, Inc.,
                * 901 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto, California, 94303, U.S.A.
                * All rights reserved.
                * This software is the confidential and proprietary information
                * of Sun Microsystems, Inc. ("Confidential Information"). You
                * shall not disclose such Confidential Information and shall use
                * it only in accordance with the terms of the license agreement
                * you entered into with Sun.

                error.internal.badmsg=internal error, unknown message
                error.badinst.nocfg=Bad installation. Could not locate javaws.cfg file:
                error.badinst.nojre=Bad installation. No JRE found in configuration file
                error.badinst.execv=Bad installation. Error invoking Java VM (execv)
                error.badinst.sysexec=Bad installation. Error invoking Java VM (SysExec)
                error.listener.failed=Splash: sysCreateListenerSocket failed
                error.accept.failed=Splash: accept failed
                error.recv.failed=Splash: recv failed
                error.invalid.port=Splash: didn't revive a valid port
                error.read=Read past end of buffer
                error.xmlparsing=XML Parsing error: wrong kind of token found
                error.splash.exit=Java Web Start splash screen process exiting .....\n
                error.winsock=tLast WinSock Error:
                error.winsock.load=Couldn't load winsock.dll
                error.winsock.start=WSAStartup failed
                error.badinst.nohome=Bad installation: JAVAWS_HOME not set
                error.splash.noimage=Splash: couldn't load splash screen image
                error.splash.socket=Splash: server socket failed
                error.splash.cmnd=Splash: unrecognized command
                error.splash.port=Splash: port not specified
                error.splash.send=Splash: send failed
                error.splash.timer=Splash: couldn't create shutdown timer
                error.splash.x11.open=Splash: Can't open X11 display
                error.splash.x11.connect=Splash: X11 connection failed

                not sure if this will work but its may be worth a shot
                • 5. Splash.exe not executing properly, and freezing computer
                  I have a client trying to install our product on her computer, a Dell Inspiron 3800 which is running Windows 98. She successfully installs JWS, but when she tries to start JWS, she gets an error message "SPLASH caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL, ...."

                  I looked in her resources folder and found messages.properties, and it had exactly the file shown in the message from dalesearle. In fact, it looks like that file is installed whenever Java Web Start is installed, as the same file is showing up on my computer, where I never have problems starting

                  It looks like her default browser is set to Explorer; it's not clear that she ever even had Netscape on this computer. How can I check that for sure?

                  Any other suggestions on how to fix her problem would be greatly appreciated.


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                    set JAVAWS_HOME to the javaws directory, i.e., if javaws is located at /usr/java/jre/javaws, then export JAVAWS_HOME=/usr/java/jre/javaws

                    This does the trick on Ubuntu Linux 5.04
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                      TCP/IP loop back interface should exist.
                      create it if it is not configured already.

                      $ifconfig lo
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                        it won't let me into orientation!!
                        the message i get is
                        SLASH: sysCreateListenorSocket failed...
                        I have no clue what I'm suppose to do.