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    Unable to set trace level


      I have a problem with the trace level (by trace level I mean this one: http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.5.0/docs/guide/deployment/deployment-guide/tracing_logging.html) in the Java Console when deploying a Java Applet.
      With "Next Generation Java Plugin" (JPI >= 1.6.0_10) disabled I am able to set a trace level (0-5) in the java console; if it is enabled I am not able to set a trace level. The Problem is: it seems all outputs written to the Java Console seem to be added to one string, so if there are many trace messages in the java console you'll get a OutOfMemoryException.
      And to make things even better: with JPI 1.6U19 and U20 I am not even able to disable the "Next Generation Java Plugin" (well theoretically I am but it seems to ignore my settings).
      Also adding Applet Parameters (-Djavaplugin.trace=false -Djavaplugin.trace.option=off) for setting tracelevels has no effect, I get trace messages for loading resources etc. in the java console (Stating "image loaded: jar:http://what.ever.else/some.jar!some.image").
      I tested with various Java Plugins (1.6U17, U19 and U20) and various Browsers (IE6 and Firefox 3.5) on WinXP SP2 with no difference.

      Does anybody have a clue how to turn off this tracing permanently as it fills up my heap?!?