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    Next Generation Java Plug-in

      Hi -

      Our desktop application was built using older versions of core java and now runs on 1.6.0_19. When the next generation java plug-in came into play (enabled by default) we started having some GUI issues with various dialog boxes (freezing, not functioning properly, etc). These could probably have been written better whenever they were. We can individually go back and fix all of these but don't have the time to do it now. So we decided to uncheck the plug-in for now. When I do this locally on my pc, everything works fine. However, our application is available on citrix servers and when I disabled the plug-in there, I'm getting "Java Heap Space" exceptions. I definitely know there is sufficient memory on the box and the JRE settings are fine as well. Any idea why disabling the plug-in would cause java to run out of memory? I have been really confused by this and any insight would be greatly appreciated.