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    java plug-in


      i want to build up a plug-in which gets start whenever we open our browser and gets off whenever we close the browser.
      So is it possible with java plug-in.
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          What do you want to do exactly? Something like a "toolbar" in the browser? Or is a certain page always opened inside the browser?
          What will the plug-in do?
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            yeah somewhat like a toolbar...

            or is it possible that it just keep on running untill the browser is open no matter what page is open in the browser
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              You could create a small draggable Applet ([Java Tutorial: Draggable Applets|http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/deployment/applet/draggableApplet.html]) and just return true in the isAppletDragStart(MouseEvent e)-Method. Then you could set the JApplet (or, if this doesn't work, use an undecorated JFrame) to be always on top and position it somewhere on the screen, maybe on the title bar of the browser. Then it doesn't matter which pages the user visits.
              It's not a toolbar.
              I don't know how you could determine when/if the browser gets minimized/closed (But the JVM knows when the browser gets closed).
              Only Sun's JRE supports it, since JRE 1.6.0_10.
              That's all I can tell you. Maybe you could do something with the Java Native Interface to put it into a browser, but then you can't use e.g. Swing.
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                hey one more thing i wanna knw can i use JAVA build API's in applets...
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                  Basically, you can use any Java API inside an Applet. The only difference between a "full" Java SE app and an Applet is that you have to extend JApplet instead of using a static void main method.