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    How to use pack200 with IIS?

      I am trying to set up a Java applet that uses the Batik SVG Viewer library, which is several MB in size. In order to speed up downloads, I would like to compress the library with pack200, but there's one problem: I don't know what to do with the servlet on the deployment guide page (http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.5.0/docs/guide/deployment/deployment-guide/pack200.html) because I've never used servlets before. I found a page with instructions as to how to set up pack200 without a servlet in Apache (http://joust.kano.net/weblog/archive/2004/10/16/pack200-on-apache-web-server/) but this isn't much help because my Web server uses IIS. Could someone please explain to me how to do what is done on the Apache tutorial page in IIS, or at least how to get pack200 working at all, by any method, on an IIS server?
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          Never mind; I figured it out myself. You just have to set a HTTP header on the .pack.gz files to "content-encoding: pack200-gzip", which means right-clicking each file in the IIS manager and manually setting the header under the "HTTP Headers" tab. Maybe there's another way, but this is good enough for me.
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            Did you actually get IIS to serve up pack200 jars? I have been struggling to get IIS to do this. Most of the information I found by googling indicates that it may not be possible unless you deploy a servlet and use JNLP. I have an applet (not currently deployed with JNLP) and I configured IIS with the appropriate MIME type (.jar.pack.gz application/x-java-pack200) and I enabled http compression of static and application files. I also did the http header adjustment you mentioned previously, with no luck. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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