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    Save and load variables in java

      Hi ,
      I need a help about Save and load .

      I have a project(tool) which have JText, JRadioButton and other things also.

      I want to save all the changes for the next execution ( fresh startup or fresh bring up of the tool).

      Please let me know what will be the better way to save and load.

      can i get below use of C# in Java similar way ( below one is the C# code)
          [global::System.CodeDom.Compiler.GeneratedCodeAttribute("Microsoft.VisualStudio.Editors.SettingsDesigner.SettingsSingleFileGenerator", "")]
          internal sealed partial class Settings : global::System.Configuration.ApplicationSettingsBase {
              private static Settings defaultInstance = ((Settings)(global::System.Configuration.ApplicationSettingsBase.Synchronized(new Settings())));
              public static Settings Default {
                  get {
                      return defaultInstance;
              public string SourceDirectory {
                  get {
                      return ((string)(this["SourceDirectory"]));
                  set {
                      this["SourceDirectory"] = value;
      Can i do Strore and load without any File storage?

      Thanks in advance