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    Could not find the main class problem when try to run the jar file .......

      Hi ,
      I want to create the jar file that main.class file needs two jar file to execute .
      If i want to run the command using java -cp qtjambi-4.4.3_01.jar;qtjambi-win32-msvc2005-4.4.3_01.jar UI_MainWindow.class It will run fine .

      I am creating the jar file using this command
      jar cvfm try3.jar mainfest.txt Ui_MainWindow.class qtjambi-4.4.3_01.jar qtjambi-win32-msvc2005-4.4.3_01.jar

      The mainfeast.txt i have written like that
      Class-Path: qtjambi-4.4.3_01.jar qtjambi-win32-msvc2005-4.4.3_01.jar
      Main-Class: Ui_MainWindow

      Please let me know the problem where i am doing the mistake.
      If you want the jar file i can provide you also.