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    In search of java class dependency utility

      We have developed a J2EE application where the "client" is a java
      application. In other words, we have created a JAR file that a user
      uses to launch our application. The manifest for this JAR file has a
      "Main-Class" attribute, so the following command is used to launch the
      (client side of) the application:
      java -jar our.jar
      Our entire application (both client-side and server-side) consists of
      several hundred classes. Our problem is that we don't have an accurate
      list of which classes are client-side only, which classes are
      server-side only, and which classes are required by both (client-side
      and server-side). I want our client-side JAR to only contain classes
      required by the client. Currently, we are simply bundling all the
      classes into "our.jar".

      I have found (and tried) several utilities, including:




      However, I don't think these are suitable. You need to supply a class
      name, and they only tell you the classes that either depend on the
      given class, or that the given class depends on. What I want is a
      "recursive" dependency finder.

      For example, let's say I have class "A". Class "A" depends on class "B"
      (in other words, class "A" needs to import class "B"). Now class "B"
      depends on class "C" and class "C" depends on class "D". Also, we have
      class "E" that depends on class "A" (in other words, class "E" needs to
      import class "A").

      The tools I mentioned above will only return (at most), classes "B" and
      "E" (when I supply them with class "A"), but what I really need them to
      return is classes "B","C" and "D" (and not necessarily class "E").

      Does anyone know how I can achieve this?

      Thanks (in advance),