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    "Clean and Build" in Netbeans and properties file problem

      Hi all,

      I developed a program which uses the library jeasyOPC. Appart from the library .jar files I added the "resources" folder to the library where several ".properties" files live. It runs perfect when I do "Run main project", but when I do "Clean and build" for creating the jar file, it says

      "Q:\Java\libraries\jeasyopc-2.3.2\jeasyopc-2.3.2\resources is a directory or can't be read. Not copying the libraries.".

      I had a look on the internet about this and the solution I found is "create the folder lib by yourself". I did it. I added all the .jar files and the properties files but when I execute the jar (java -jar MyOPCtest.jar) it cannot find the properties file. I tried copying the properties files directly on "lib" and on "javafish\clients\opc\" but I always have the same error:

      "Property file javafish.clients.opc.JCustomOpc doesn't exist. System terminated."

      Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

      Thank you.